Dardo vino rosso

Dardo Red Wine – IGT TOSCANA

Dardo is a blend of Sangiovese (85%) and Merlot (15%) grown on selected vineyards across Tuscany. The beautiful 2013 allowed us winemakers to pick the Sangiovese grapes at the desired ripening point, creating a balanced blend with the grapes we pulled from our Merlot vineyard.

Merlot was harvested between September 5th and September 8th while Sangiovese was picked from September 22nd through September 26th and, after crush, fermentations were conducted with brief pump-overs and daily punch downs at an average temperature of 82° to maintain the red fruit aromas and soft tannins.
No wood barrels were used to age this wine to maintain the varietal aromas more untouched possible. The wine was bottled in a Bordeaux screw cap bottle with an accurate use of oxygen during the winemaking process. The attention applied to all the winemaking processes and the Stelvin closure allowed us to keep sulfite levels very low.

Winemaker: Dario Parenti
Appellation: IGT Toscana
Vintage: 2013
Production: 1800 cases
Varietals: Sangiovese 85%, Merlot 15%
Origin: Central Tuscany
Alcohol: 13.5%
Ph: 3.53
Residual sugars: 1.0 g/l

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