Our story, our philosophy

The Vignemastre project starts in 2005 with the goal to create a brand with very specific carachteristics:

Good price/quality balance, expression of the varietal aromas of the grapes in the bottle (with no use of barrels which often make many wines look alike), limit the impact on consumers health and on environment (low sulfite levels, no tree cut down to make barrels).

Regarding the ageing process, we want oxygen to be the chief but discreet carachter. Oxygen is fundamental for wine ageing: it softens tannins, limits herbaceous aromas, increases fruit and varietal aromas. Oxygen is precisely dosed in wines with micro-oxygenation (in millilitres/liters/month) as an exact simulation of the effect that the wood of a barrel has on wines. But without using the barrel: a more economic wine and a couple of trees less to cut down in a forest.

The use of a Stelvin cap closure is a non traditional decision that we decided to go with as we want to protect the ageing point we reached before going into the bottle while avoiding any risk of TCA (tri-cloro-anisol, chemical compound responsible for cork taint) contamination.

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